Want a Career Boost? Get Cosmetic Dentistry

job career cosmetic dentistry dr michael j weiThe pandemic has changed how so many people work. Instead of face-to-face meetings or auditions, you’re on Zoom, FaceTime, and other video apps. Now, more than ever, your face is front and center – and your smile remains the focal point of your appearance. If you want to give your career a boost, cosmetic dentistry is the resume builder you didn’t know you were missing.

Look the Part

Interviews, conferences, meetings, tryouts – you have undoubtedly spent plenty of time conditioning yourself to look just right for whatever professional duty or opportunity arises. From suits to shoes, hairstyle to jewelry, everything should be just right. Does your smile match the rest of you? Have you prepped your teeth to look their very best?

When you need a quick tweak to brighten your smile, you can achieve it with cosmetic dentistry like professional teeth whitening. If you have a small chip or aesthetic issue but want a non-invasive solution, cosmetic tooth bonding delivers fast repairs.

Show Off Your Smarts

Did you know that a better-looking smile makes you look like a smarter and more competent person? White, straight, flawless teeth show others that you care about the details. Smiling when you speak or engage with someone, whether you’re teaching, selling, lawyering, acting, or otherwise, shows that you know what’s what.

If you want to completely revamp your appearance for a super-smart smile, porcelain veneers are the weapon of choice. Customized to you and you alone, veneers are incredibly thin pieces of porcelain that are layered over your natural teeth to create a smile that make you look brighter, wiser, and more accomplished. There are even minimally invasive options like Microthin veneers that do not alter the enamel of your natural teeth under the veneers.

Reinforce Your Confidence

One of the most critical elements of success in any career is confidence. Knowing that you look good and believing in your appearance will forward your job success in so many ways, along with your knowledge, experience, and expertise.

If you have the kind of job that requires you to be front and center – whether you’re an online influencer or an in-person sales genius – your appearance must match the part. If you spend a great deal of time perfecting your look from head to toe, make sure your smile is part of the equation. A smile makeover can be designed in any shape or form to complete your look.

Conquer Your Career from Anywhere with the Help of Cosmetic Dentistry

You might be wearing sweatpants in your Zoom call (no one ever needs to know!) but your smile will always be on point when you get a customized smile makeover that results in a perfect smile. Eventually, life will get back to some sort of normalcy and masks will be a thing of the past – imagine the impact when your perfect smile is revealed.

Get comfortable with the idea of a new and improved you. Submit a Smile Virtual request for a personalized video response from Dr. Michael J. Wei about what kind of cosmetic dentistry is right for you, or schedule an in-person consultation at his Midtown office to learn more.