Take the Leap: Say “Yes” to Cosmetic Dentistry

nyc cosmetic dentistry leap year smile makeover dr michael j weiThis year, 2024, is a leap year, an occurrence some people embrace and others ignore. Whatever you choose to do with those extra 24 hours in your year, give some thought to how much cosmetic dentistry can enhance your life every day, every year. A big smile makeover or a smile tweak can be your ticket to personal, professional, romantic, and social success.

4 Fantastic Cosmetic Dentistry Upgrades

In honor of the fact that leap year occurs only once every four years, consider the benefits of four of the most effective and popular cosmetic dentistry upgrades:

  1. Minimal-prep veneers: These super-thin, super-strong veneers require little preparation, do not destroy your natural teeth, and deliver a big, beautiful new smile.
  2. Porcelain crowns: Crowns are considered a restorative treatment most of the time, but these versatile, customized caps cover unsightly and problematic teeth so they blend into a beautiful smile.
  3. Teeth whitening: There is no denying the power and speed of professional teeth whitening. The bleaching products destroy tooth stains for a whiter, brighter smile.
  4. Smile makeover: Every smile makeover is customized to the patient. The makeover usually contains multiple cosmetic dentistry treatments to deliver a completely transformed smile. Both cosmetic and restorative dentistry are common in a smile makeover and all the treatments dramatically change the appearance of your teeth.

Accompaniments to Cosmetic Dentistry

Quite often, patients who are eager to transform the look of their smile need less obvious but super-important treatments to get their teeth and gums ready for a cosmetic upgrade. For example, a laser gum lift is an excellent way to even out the gum line and remove excess gum tissue to make room for veneers. This procedure broadens a smile and allows for the reveal of more tooth enamel for an attractive smile.

Many people interested in enhancing their smile also show up with tooth decay or infections that need to be addressed first. Tooth-colored fillings are a great fix and your NYC cosmetic dentist uses them often to correct cavities and small imperfections. This tweak, even if it’s little, contributes to the beauty of your whole smile.

Smile Makeovers for Leaplings and More

Anyone born on February 29 is called a leapling. They only get an actual birthday every four years, but most celebrate on February 28 or March 1 on the off years. Some choose to celebrate their half-birthday instead – August 29. This reality is certainly a reason to celebrate leap year with cosmetic dentistry since the opportunity to truly spoil yourself comes so infrequently.

Some of the biggest aesthetic wishes made my anyone who wants a better smile, leapling or otherwise, include:

  • Whiter teeth
  • Straight teeth
  • Bigger smile
  • Complete smile
  • Younger smile

Rest assured, no matter what types of cosmetic upgrades you pursue, the result will make you look happier, healthier, and like the best version of yourself, every single second of every day. Get on the path to your own special brand of magic, leap year or not, and schedule a consultation with Dr. Mike Wei in Midtown Manhattan. Follow him @DrMikeWei on Instagram to see stunning smile makeovers – you could be there next.