Influencers Upgrade Their Smiles with NYC Cosmetic Dentistry

NYC cosmetic dentistry dr mike wei influencersMaybe you’re attempting to make your mark on social media or already have an established audience. However you operate, you’re developing a brand, and the last thing you want is a brand that marks you as “the influencer with bad teeth.” If you frequently purse your lips, suck in your cheeks, or stick out your tongue to disguise your smile in photos, it’s time to make a change. NYC cosmetic dentistry will transform your teeth and give your social platforms a major boost.

If Subtlety Is Your Brand

If you’re living your best life and documenting it all through photos and videos, the last thing you want is to revisit great times and lament your smile. Even worse, you don’t want someone you know – or don’t know – commenting that you look great but would look even better if you fixed your teeth. Beat them to the punch.

Modern cosmetic dentistry is subtle and looks natural. Only a careful comparison of before and after photos can really show the magnitude of the smile makeover. Otherwise, you simply look like the best version of yourself. Even if you prefer to keep personal upgrades on the down-low, be prepared to make a big splash with your smile makeover anyway Endorsement deals and promotional opportunities will come your way when you promise to share with a big smile.

For the Confessional Influencers

Some influencers love to share every facet of their life journey. They invite people into every intricate detail of their lives, from creating polls to see which landmark to visit to being up-front about health problems, family matters, and anything and everything that comes up.

You can be one of the beautiful people who isn’t ashamed to say that you prioritize gorgeous teeth and have upgraded your smile so you can share the experience with your followers. Two of the most common cosmetic dentistry upgrades among influencers include:

  • Laser gum reshaping: Also known as a laser gum lift, this procedure eliminates a gummy smile by reshaping soft tissue until it is balanced. The recontouring is dramatic and reduces gum tissue permanently so you’ll never have short teeth again. This procedure is often done before veneers.
  • Minimal prep veneers: Porcelain veneers are the most powerful way to perfect your smile. With minimal prep veneers, natural teeth do not need to be heavily altered to make room for the thin veneers. The porcelain is carefully customized in size, shape, length, and color – often eight to 12 veneers – to create a bigger, wider, flawless smile.

Get an Unforgettable Smile Makeover with NYC Cosmetic Dentistry

Whether you stay local or travel the world, whether you let people into your life or play your cards close to the vest, the way you curate your social media revolves around your teeth. If you’re self-conscious about your smile, especially

If your daily goals include persuading others effectively with your irresistible smile, find out what’s possible for your smile makeover in three easy steps with a free Smile Virtual consultation with Dr. Michael J. Wei or schedule an in-person consultation at his Midtown dental office. Still not influenced enough? Visit @DrMikeWei to see major transformations that you won’t be able to stop thinking about.