Hey Teachers: Do You Have a Perfect Smile for School?

back to school perfect smile for teachers dr michael j weiWhether your smile will be in the spotlight through distance learning or front and center for in-person instruction, getting your teeth ready for back-to-school season is a must for every teacher. Achieving a perfect smile is easy with the help of your NYC cosmetic dentist.

Perfecting the Teacher Smile

What is the perfect smile for a teacher? The smile that makes you feel confident about the message you’re delivering to your students. It doesn’t matter how large or small your class size, whether you’re teaching preschool or college courses, whether you’re a tutor, high school teacher, or full professor. Your demeanor, personality, and self-esteem are all affected by how you feel about yourself.

Your students will be staring at you while you’re imparting your knowledge – and they will be looking at your teeth. Sure, some people will be teaching behind masks, but you can’t hide your teeth forever, and why would you want to? Don’t use masks as an excuse to avoid the cosmetic dentistry that could transform how you look and feel now and long after the pandemic is over. Even a simple teeth whitening treatment (which can be done in your dentist’s Midtown office or comfortably in your own home) can be the difference between mediocre and excellent self-confidence.

A Perfect Smile in Person

If you will be in front of a classroom, lecture hall, or pod this fall, you may or may not be wearing a mask depending on the circumstances of your teaching arrangement. No matter how it works out, your teeth matter because they impact how the rest of you operates.

When you’re trying to encourage a student, you nod and smile. When you’re trying to reassure a student, you smile. When you’re trying to cheer up a student, you smile. How your teeth look is a big part of teaching, whether you like it or not.

If you’re up close and personal with just a few students or an entire classroom, you want them to be looking at a teacher who feels like he or she has it all together because they have a flawless grin. Perfection is easy to come by with the right cosmetic dentistry treatment. Porcelain veneers can fix every flaw in one treatment, giving you decades of teaching flawlessness too.

A Virtually Perfect Smile

There are pros and cons to distance learning. Whether you consider your face on a screen all day long to be a good thing or a bad thing largely has to do with how you feel about the condition of your smile. You know your students are staring at themselves on camera but, ideally, they’re paying attention to you too. They’ll only have your upper body to critique, whether they do it out loud or in their own heads, unconsciously or quite consciously.

Will they be fixated on your oddly shaped teeth, crooked teeth, tooth stains, or misalignment? If they’re going to notice your teeth at all, wouldn’t you rather they recognize them for a beautiful thing – a smile that is flawless, white, and looks great, on or off camera?

Cosmetic Dentistry for a Perfect Smile

Teach yourself to love yourself. Get that perfect smile you’ve always wanted with help from your Manhattan cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael J. Wei. The school year may be underway, but it’s never too late for a smile makeover. Schedule your consultation or submit a Smile Virtual request online.