Nathan N

Naveen N After 220x256C

Nathan came to me because he was unhappy with his smile. He was getting married very soon and wanted to improve his smile. He had a lot of gaps between his teeth. His teeth were also rotated, dark, and discolored. I was able to do laser gum recontouring and gave him 10 minimum prep porcelain veneers. I got him ready just in time for his wedding! He loves his final smile transformation and gets lots of compliments from family, friends, and co-workers.

John R

John was not happy with his smile. His chief complaint was when he smiled, he doesn’t show many teeth and he was embarrassed about it. He displayed very short, small, discolored, and worn down teeth. He had cavities and enamel loss due to grinding of his teeth. He also lost a lot of vertical dimension which caused him to have a “reverse smile” effect. He felt that his smile was uneven and worn-out and he wanted a change.

By using porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns, I was able to open his bite and lengthen his teeth. By opening his bite by 1 mm, I had more space and created a new vertical dimension. I gave him longer teeth with a fuller, whiter, straighter, and gorgeous smile with porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns. Therefore, this improved his function, health, and esthetics. I was able to address his chief complaint and give him an amazing outcome!

Amy B

Amy B After 220x256

Amy’s old smile did not fit her vibrant, charming personality. She always disliked her smile and she was always embarrassed to smile. She felt her smile is holding her back in her acting career. Her new smile improved her overall self-confidence. She now loves to smile and is happy to take pictures. We were able to give her the smile of her dreams. She said she did not realize how much her old smile had been holding her back. Now she gets compliments on her beautiful smile all the time!

Sandra K

Sandra K After 220x256B

Sandra presented with a defect in her smile. She was missing a front central tooth and therefore other teeth had shifted into that space which caused gaps and the midline to be completely off. She never liked her smile and was embarrassed about it all her life. She wanted a smile transformation. Sandra’s case was very difficult but we were able to give her a beautiful smile that she always wanted and she loves the results!