Gabrielle R

Gabrielle R After 220x256

Gabrielle was very unhappy with her smile because her teeth were dark, stained, and worn down. She was also dissatisfied with her smile because her teeth were chipped and she had white spots on her teeth. She also disliked the black space between her 2 front teeth. Additionally, she grinds her teeth at night which caused her to have muscle and joint pain in her jaw (Temporomandibular disorder-TMD). She came to me for help and wanted a more beautiful and healthy smile so that she can regain her confidence and to also be out of pain.

I gave her a gorgeous smile with 10 super minimum prep porcelain veneers. I made her teeth whiter, broader, and fuller. I also made her a night guard which helped relieve the pain from grinding. At the same time, I was able to restore her function and health by establishing a proper occlusion.

She said the entire process was seamless and that I gave her the exact color she wanted. She says she is “obsessed” with her new smile and gets lot of compliments. Her brand new smile increased her self-confidence and now she loves her new dazzling smile!

Brendan M

Brendan had an infection and bleeding around the gums and an old faulty anterior porcelain bridge that wasn’t aesthetically pleasing. This old porcelain bridge also had decay underneath and his teeth were also discolored, dull, and misaligned. Therefore he wanted to improve his smile and restore his oral health.

I gave him a fuller, and whiter smile with a 4 unit porcelain bridge and 6 prepless porcelain veneers. This beautiful new smile brightened his face and he loves the final results. His brand new smile increased his self-confidence and he gets compliments on his gorgeous smile all the time.

Kris S

Kris S After 220x256C

Kris was concerned about how his smile looked and felt it affected his outlook. He used to walk around embarrassed of his smile because of all the old dark, stained, damaged, and discolored teeth. He had always been hesitant to smile. He complained that his front teeth were discolored, dark, damaged, and had fractured 4 of his old porcelain crowns.  He wanted a more natural, brighter, whiter, and attractive smile. By using 4 porcelain veneers and 4 porcelain crowns, we were able to create a healthy and beautiful smile that he always wanted. His brand new smile increased his self confidence. He can smile easily and loves to show his new dazzling, brighter, and whiter smile. Now he loves to smile.

Ted J

Ted J After 220x256

Ted presented to us with aesthetic concerns about his teeth. Besides the aesthetic concerns, we also had to address the many issues concerning the health of his teeth and gums. He had multiple issues which were corrected by doing extractions, gum lift, tooth colored fillings, porcelain crowns, and porcelain bridge. He is extremely happy with the results of his smile makeover. He says he cannot stop smiling everyday.

Omar S

Omar S After 220x256B

Omar was not happy with how his smile looked and felt self-conscious. He had a slanted smile which is a smile that slopes towards one direction. This in effect, made one side of his teeth appear longer than the other side. Also, he didn’t like the irregular shape and size of his teeth. He wanted a more natural and “masculine” smile which meant having more square shaped teeth vs. oval shaped teeth. I gave him 6 prepless emax porcelain veneers due to his budget constraints. He was very happy with his new smile and this gave him a boost of confidence that he needed.

Theresa S

Theresa S Face After 220x256

Theresa was dissatisfied with her smile. She didn’t like the color of her teeth, the old dark bondings, and faulty old porcelain crowns. Her teeth were crooked, stained, and decayed.

She wanted a beautiful, healthy new smile so she can regain her confidence both professionally and personally. She felt like her smile was uneven and worn-out.

She had a collapsed bite and malocclusion. By opening her bite, I had more space to make the posterior teeth taller and rebuild her new bite. I created a new vertical dimension to improve her jawline.

I gave her longer teeth with a fuller, whiter, straighter, and gorgeous smile with 6 porcelain veneers, 19 porcelain crowns and a 3 units porcelain bridge.

She is very happy with her results and says her full mouth reconstruction was definitely worth the investment.

This beautiful new smile complements her face and she loves the final results.