Gabriela S

Gabriela S After 220x256B

Gabriela was unhappy with her smile and wanted to improve it. Gabriela‘s old smile did not fit her beautiful and wonderful personality. She had multiple gaps between her teeth. Her teeth were misaligned, dark, and discolored. The irregular size of her teeth were not proportional to her face. After initial consultation, she had an accident where she had fractured the front left lateral incisor. This fractured tooth was then extracted.

I was able to close the gaps between her teeth, add some length and made her teeth proportional to her features. I was able to give her a broader, whiter, and brighter smile with 7 minimum prep porcelain veneers and a 3 units porcelain bridge. She loves her final smile transformation and she gets lots of compliments from family, friends, and co-workers.

Dan K

Dan K After 220x256

Dan wanted a brighter, whiter, gorgeous smile. He didn’t want to get braces to close all his spaces. He used to walk around embarrassed of his smile because of all the gaps between his teeth and the old dark stained discoloration. Also, he was missing an upper front left incisor and the left canine drifted in its position. When we gave him 17 porcelain veneers, he gained a new smile which improved his overall self-confidence. Now he has nothing to be embarrassed about and he can smile easily. He loves to show his new dazzling, brighter, and whiter smile.

Nahira A

Nahari A After 220x256D

Nahira was very unhappy with her smile. She was embarrassed of her smile and felt self-conscious. She hated the gap between her front teeth and discoloration of her teeth. She didn’t like the shapes of her teeth as well. She wanted to improve her smile and her appearance.

I gave her a beautiful smile transformation with 5 minimum prep porcelain veneers, 3 units porcelain bridge and whitening. This beautiful new smile complements her face and she loves the final results. She is so ecstatic about her new smile and tells me she gets lots of compliments.

Rory B

Rory was not happy with the aesthetics of his smile. He wanted a brighter, whiter, straighter smile to boost his confidence especially in his line of work. His teeth were discolored, misaligned, dull, chipped, uneven, and had decay. I gave him a dazzling new smile with 16 porcelain veneers, 8 porcelain crowns and a 4 unit porcelain bridge. Therefore, this improved his function, health, and aesthetics. He requested a very white shade and he loves his gorgeous white teeth. He was very happy with his new smile and this gave him a boost of confidence that he needed. He was extremely satisfied with his amazing smile transformation!

Valentina T

Valentina came to see me because she was extremely unhappy with her smile. She didn’t like how her smile looked and felt self-conscious. She disliked her short, crooked, irregularly shaped, and discolored teeth. Valentina is missing an upper front left lateral incisor and therefore the upper front left canine moved into its position. She had spacing issues, improper bite, and tooth size discrepancies.

She had an uneven smile where one side of her smile is a lot longer than the other side and slopes down the left side. She had retained baby teeth that were decayed and infected and they were in the wrong position. She felt that her teeth were small and wanted bigger teeth.

These problems have been bothering her for many years and previous dentists told her they couldn’t help her. The decay and infected retained baby teeth were extracted by and she didn’t want dental implants. She also refused braces.

She desperately wanted my help to improve her smile. In light all of this, I had a challenging case on my hands. I reshaped her canine to look like a lateral incisor and reshaped her 1st premolar to look like a canine. Also, I was able to close the spaces between her teeth, improve her bite, resize her teeth and correct the uneven smile. I gave her a beautiful smile by using porcelain veneers and porcelain bridges.

She was very happy with her final smile makeover. Her dazzling new smile complements and brightens her face. She loves her final smile transformation and gets a lot of compliments from family, friends, and co-workers.

Ted J

Ted J After 220x256

Ted presented to us with aesthetic concerns about his teeth. Besides the aesthetic concerns, we also had to address the many issues concerning the health of his teeth and gums. He had multiple issues which were corrected by doing extractions, gum lift, tooth colored fillings, porcelain crowns, and porcelain bridge. He is extremely happy with the results of his smile makeover. He says he cannot stop smiling everyday.

Marlyne W

Marlyne AfterC

Marlyne always dreamed of having a beautiful gorgeous smile ever since she can remember. She used to walk around embarrassed of her smile. She doesn’t like the different sizes, discolorations, and spaces between her teeth. She was born with 1 baby tooth that never came out, and subsequently her left lateral incisor adult tooth (#10) never came in.

She is missing an upper front right lateral incisor and therefore the upper front right canine moved into its position. Some patients are unfortunately born with missing teeth which can create and lead to spaces between the teeth. I reshaped her canine to look like a lateral incisor and reshaped her 1st premolar to look like a canine. I was also able to close all the spaces between her teeth, improve her bite and smile by using porcelain veneers.

We were able to give her the smile of her dreams. Now she has more confidence and can smile easily. She loves to show off her new amazing smile.

Nick P

Nick P Face After 220x256

Nick came to us very unhappy with his smile. He told us he was born without two upper front lateral incisors. His canines therefore grew into the position next to his two front central teeth. He also had an underbite that affected his chewing and alignment of his jaw. Aesthetically, these dental issues deeply affected his confidence. We were very happy to be able to help this young man correct these dental problems by giving him 8 porcelain veneers. We gave him the confidence and self-esteem that he was looking for. He loves his new attractive smile and was very grateful for the work that we did.

Roberto P

Roberto P After 220x256E

Roberto came into our dental office because he had several issues with his teeth: He had congenitally missing upper 2 lateral incisors (the teeth that are supposed to be next to your two front teeth), which caused his 2 canine teeth to shift into the place where the lateral incisors are. His two front teeth were noticeably larger than the others, and he had yellow, stained, dark teeth. He never liked his upper oversized two front stained teeth and was always embarrassed to smile. He complained that his smile didn’t look attractive and vibrant. He wanted a nicer, whiter, and brighter smile. By using 8 porcelain veneers, we were able to give him a brighter and whiter smile to boost his confidence. He is very happy with his new smile now and he gets a lot of compliments from his co-workers, friends and family.

Ann H

Ann H After 220x256B

Ann wanted a brighter, whiter, and straighter smile that she always dreamed about. She used to walk around embarrassed of her smile. Now she has the confidence she always wanted. She can smile easily and loves to show her new dazzling smile.

Sandra K

Sandra K After 220x256B

Sandra presented with a defect in her smile. She was missing a front central tooth and therefore other teeth had shifted into that space which caused gaps and the midline to be completely off. She never liked her smile and was embarrassed about it all her life. She wanted a smile transformation. Sandra’s case was very difficult but we were able to give her a beautiful smile that she always wanted and she loves the results!