Cynthia B

Cynthia B Face After 220x256

Cynthia was not happy with the aesthetics of her smile. Since she is a cardiologist in her line of work and sees many patients, she wanted to improve her smile. Her teeth were discolored, misaligned, and not proportional, and she felt like her smile was uneven. This unevenness was due to the right side set of teeth being longer than the left side.

She wanted a brighter, whiter, straighter, and fuller smile to boost her confidence. I gave her a dazzling smile with 10 porcelain veneers. This beautiful new smile complements her face and she loves the final results. Her brand new smile increased her self-confidence and she tells me she gets lots of compliments from family, friends, and co-workers.

Elena R

Elena R FaceAfter 220x256

Elena never liked her smile and was always embarrassed to smile. She had faulty porcelain veneers, faulty porcelain crowns, and a faulty porcelain bridge with decay. She was dissatisfied with her smile because her old porcelain veneers were loose and 4 veneers fell off which she just got done 5 months ago in Miami. She had a lot of decay, and an uneven smile. She wanted a beautiful, healthy new smile so that she can regain her confidence both professionally and personally.

I gave her a gorgeous, whiter, and brighter smile with 20 porcelain veneers, 3 porcelain crowns, and a 3 unit porcelain bridge. I rejuvenated her smile and at the same time, I was able to restore her function and health. She loves her new beautiful dazzling smile and is now proud to show it off.

Nicole C

Nicole C After 220x256

Nicole was concerned about her smile and felt that this would have a negative impact on her wedding day. She was always hesitant to smile. She didn’t like her dark, stains, short, crooked teeth. She didn’t like the shape and size of her teeth as well. She felt like her smile was uneven and worn-out. We were able to give her the bright, white, gorgeous smile she always wanted. Her brand new smile increased her self confidence and she is now ready for her big special day. Nicole loves her dazzling smile . It brought back her self confidence and now she wants to do all her bottom teeth too.

Mindy N

Minday N After 220x256

Mindy had a gum infection underneath her upper old porcelain crowns which cause puffy bleeding gums. She was unhappy with how her smile looked. We were able to give her a brand new smile and boost her self-confidence. She now smiles easily and gets a lot of compliments from her new smile (especially from her husband).

Luis N

Luis N After 220x256B

Luis was concerned with his dark, stained, fractured front teeth and how his smile looked. He never liked his front teeth and puffy bleeding gums. He was always embarrassed to smile. He wanted a nicer, whiter, brighter, and gorgeous smile. We were able to give him a brighter and whiter smile to boost his confidence with 20 porcelain veneers and 4 porcelain crowns. Now he looks great and feels confident with a brand new smile makeover. He can smile easily and loves to show his new amazing, brighter, and whiter smile.