Jennifer R

Jennifer R After Smile Makeover 220x256

ennifer never liked her smile and was always embarrassed to smile. She had 2 faulty porcelain bridges and faulty porcelain crowns with decay. She was dissatisfied with her smile because her teeth were dark, stained, crooked, and worn down. She had a lot of decay, old faulty dark bondings, and an uneven smile. She wanted a beautiful, healthy new smile so that she can regain her confidence both professionally and personally.

She wanted a smile makeover to fix all of these problems. I gave her a gorgeous whiter and brighter smile with porcelain bridges, porcelain crowns, and porcelain veneers. I rejuvenated her smile, made her look younger, and now her beautiful smile complements her face. At the same time, I was able to restore her function and health.

Her brand new smile increased her self-confidence and it shows in the after photo – she looks much younger and rejuvenated. Jennifer loves her new beautiful dazzling smile and is now proud to show it off.

Majlinda M

Marlinda M After 220x256B

Majlinda presented to me with multiple problems. She had unhealthy teeth, an uneven smile, and old faulty anterior porcelain bridge that were in poor condition. Therefore, she was always embarrassed to smile and this affected her self esteem. Ever since she was young, she had been to many dentists but none were able to give her the smile she wanted.

I gave her a new healthy, beautiful, and bright smile with an anterior 3 units porcelain bridge and 5 porcelain veneers. Her gorgeous smile makeover gave her back her confidence and she gets lots of conpliments now!

Ted J

Ted J After 220x256

Ted presented to us with aesthetic concerns about his teeth. Besides the aesthetic concerns, we also had to address the many issues concerning the health of his teeth and gums. He had multiple issues which were corrected by doing extractions, gum lift, tooth colored fillings, porcelain crowns, and porcelain bridge. He is extremely happy with the results of his smile makeover. He says he cannot stop smiling everyday.

Marisol C

Marisol C After 220x256B

Marisol never liked her smile. Her old smile did not fit her vibrant personality. Her midline is off and her teeth were crooked, discolored, misaligned and not porportional. She had old faulty porcelain crowns and decay. She felt that her smile was worn out and uneven. She wanted a smile makeover to fix all of these problems. She wanted a beautiful and super white, bright smile. She requested the whitest color for her smile so she can stand out and be noticed because she loves white teeth.

We were able to achieve a full mouth reconstruction by replacing her old porcelain crowns, adding porcelain veneers and a porcelain bridge. We rejuvenated her smile and now her beautiful smile complements her face. She is very happy with her final results and says her smile makeover was definitely worth the investment. She tells me that she gets lots of compliments from family, friends and co-workers.

Catherine Q

Catherine Q After 220x256C

Catherine had an accident and broke a tooth which needed an extraction. She got a dental bridge made by another dentist. She didn’t like her bridge and the gum defects. She wanted me to help her fix it so she can improve her smile. I gave her a beautiful white smile and at the same time restored her function and health. I gave her a gorgeous smile makeover with 7 minimum prep porcelain veneers and 3 units porcelain bridge. Her new smile improved her overall self-confidence tremendously.

Jackie L

Jackie L After 220x256

Jackie never liked her smile and was embarrassed to smile. Her old smile did not fit her vibrant personality. Her teeth were dark due to tetracycline staining (intrinsic staining), mismatched in color, and not sized properly. She had a faulty porcelain bridge and porcelain crowns and felt that her smile was worn out and uneven. She wanted a smile makeover to fix all these problems. She was looking for the right cosmetic dentist to fix her smile. She wanted a beautiful and super white smile since she was a little girl. We were able to help her by giving her a gorgeous, bright, white smile that she loves.

Melody M

Melody M After 220x256B

Melody wanted a brighter, whiter, and straighter smile that she always dreamed about. She used to walk around embarrassed of her smile. She disliked her discolored, crooked, and misaligned teeth. She especially did not like her old faulty, bulky, dark color lower dental porcelain bridge. We were able to fix her smile in 2 weeks by giving her 16 porcelain veneers and 4 porcelain crowns. Now she has regained her confidence and can smile easily. She loves to show her new beautiful smile.