A Smile Resolution for the New Year

There isn’t one person who wouldn’t love to look younger, feel better, and have more self-confidence. As a result, New Year’s resolutions often include joining a gym or starting a diet. And as we all know, these goals often fall by the wayside after just a few weeks. There is one resolution that can truly reframe your life for a very long time – getting a new smile.

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Unlucky in Love? Maybe It’s Your Smile

If you’ve had too many first dates and not enough second dates, or if you’re having difficulty scoring those first dates at all, that rejection can really take its toll on your self-esteem. Alas, the truth is this: Your smile is one of the things that could be getting in the way of true love.

We all like to believe that we are loved for who we are, not how we look, but the ultimate reality is that your appearance does affect how someone perceives you. If those first dates are fizzling out as soon as they begin, think about what kind of first impression you’re making. You get cleaned up, dressed up, and fix your hair. But what about your smile? If you flash a broken-down grin, what kind of statement does it make about you? And if you don’t dare to smile, that speaks volumes as well.

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The Unique Dental Woes of Baby Boomers

There are plenty of perks to becoming older, but age is also accompanied by aches, pains, and sometimes oral health problems. Baby boomers are finding out that being healthy and living longer means plenty more opportunity for dental issues to arise.

Even if you’ve been the perfect patient, dutifully visiting your dentist every six months for cleanings and exams, your teeth and gums can still begin to show wear and tear. Age-related dental issues are far from unexpected. It’s normal to experience things like tooth loss, yellow or stained teeth, receding gums, dry mouth, and broken or chipped teeth.

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Missing Teeth? Get a Natural-Looking Solution

Are you missing teeth because of a sports injury, car accident, or simple clumsiness? You’re probably worried about noticeable cosmetic dentistry repairs. Are you dealing with the embarrassment of less-than-reliable dentures? Have you long had missing teeth but resigned yourself to the belief that there is no ideal solution to close the spaces in your smile? Know this: You can have a beautiful, natural-looking smile of strong, secure teeth. It’s time to learn about dental implants.

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